ARC3300 (T5) Series

ARC3300 T5 is an interactive contactless validator that provides fast and convenient ticket validation, smart card reload and contactless payments.

The ARC3300 T5 validator houses an integrated ISO/IEC 14443 A/B reader, a 5.7" TFT colour touch display, four physical buttons, four colour LED lights and an audio buzzer. ARC3300 T5 is available with Ethernet, GPRS or Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The T5 validator comes with a comprehensive software development kit for quick and easy development and integration with different ticketing and payment applications, as well as supporting the latest MIFARE AV1 and MIFARE AV2 SAMs. The kit provides the tools, documentation and code samples needed to successfully integrate and develop contactless smart card applications compliant to ISO/IEC 14443 A/B.


· Compliant to ISO 14443 A/B and ISO/IEC 18092 (Limited)
· Support for a wide range of contactless standards in public transport, including the entire MIFARE family
· Check in/check out validation
· Reloading of Internet top-ups to travel card
· Stand alone validator for optimized ticketing transactions
· Slave validator for multi-applications connected to other fare collection devices
· Designed for onboard and stationary use
· 5.7" TFT touch colour display for optimum viewing and easy menu navigation
· 4 x triple coloured LED lights for card interaction
· Full audio
· 4 x buttons for optional usage

Supported Smart Cards:
ISO 14443A tags, ISO 14443B tags, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE UltraLight, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE SmartMX, MIFARE Plus, GTML, GTML2, FeliCa, Calypso

Supported SAMs:
ISO/IEC 7816 compliant SAMs such as MIFARE SAM (DESFire), MIFARE SAM, S9TSAM, CIPURSE SAM and FeliCa SAM


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