Moscow, Russia

In 2009, Lecip Arcontia equipped Moscow Metro with contactless smart card readers for validation of MIFARE travel cards. More than 1,000 ARC1212 readers were chosen to be integrated in the Moscow Metro AFC system, implemented by system integrator Smart Technologies Group. 

The readers were chosen for their high performance and reading distance, and were mounted inside Smart Technologies Group’s validators/turnstiles to be placed throughout Moscow’s underground. The readers are compliant to ISO 1444 A/B and process over 300 million smart cards annually. Today, over 200 stations are equipped with Arcontia products with a very satisfying result. 

Moscow Metro is one of the largest public transport operators in the world, and has an average of nine million passengers per day. To meet the requirements of high security and fast processing speeds, the ARC1212 reader was specifically fine tuned with Smart Technologies Group’s validator. The readers help benefit travelers by allowing them to validate their journey as quickly and efficiently as possible, reducing queuing times greatly.  In 2010, Lecip Arcontia supplied an additional 1,000 readers to Smart Technologies Group.

In 2016, the Moscow Central Ring Railway opened as an addition to the existing metro network. LECIP ARCONTIA, in cooperation with several of our partners, have equipped the new stations with  AFC systems.

Moscow Central Ring Railway consists of 31 stations. Initially, 26 of them have opened, with the remaining five due to follow later this year. ARC2302 USB Desktop Readers are used for ticket programming in the box offices and ARC1301 RS232 OEM readers are installed as a part of the ticket control system in all the stations.

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